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Chemical Weapons

I remember I didn’t take pictures But I remember Moving through that human smoke That reeked of melted steel and burning flesh I remember working So hard and so long and so dirty That I don’t know how my legs … Continue reading

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Laughing Through September 11th – a postcard from the pile

Courage is not a derivative of violence, it is an act of love. We tend to forget that. With the 10-Year Memorial circus of September 11th now behind us, I’ve been wondering what exactly people were thinking during all those … Continue reading

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Zadroga 101: Death is Cheaper than Healthcare

When I wrote my first piece on the Zadroga Bill, I was pissed off.  I’ll be the first to admit that I had to edit that article more than once to remove the profanity laced around my frustration.  If you … Continue reading

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