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Writer, digital media strategist, Chaos Ninja and advocate of strategic nonviolent action.

Where Monsters Are Made

To all the men who want to ‘stand with us’ –

Thank you
We don’t just need you by our side
Protection is not parity
and our armor
is already battle tested Continue reading

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Finding Myself and Losing the World

 Confessions of an Altruistic Asshole Finding a sense of purpose is a powerful thing. It’s a feeling some people spend their whole lives searching for. That sense that what are doing is not just important, but necessary, can be life-changing. … Continue reading

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I Heard You

photo by Andrei Niemimäki on FLICKR I heard you Above the screech of talking heads Above the suffocating silence from inside the vacuum of political spin Above the clacking of millions of fingers on keyboards Somehow typing and pointing at the same … Continue reading

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On Being A Not-Racist White American

The most destructive lie that we were taught as liberal white kids in America was not that racism was over, it was that we were not racist. No matter how polite we are, or how many times we sang along … Continue reading

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We Have a Lot of Work To Do

A reflection, this year, seems grossly inadequate. Even though every year my view of Ground Zero changes. I know I’m not the only one overwhelmed and exhausted by the world right now. Watching as we insult each other on social … Continue reading

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The Night Osama Died

I was in bed when my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I picked up thinking that good news never comes at night. It took me a moment to recognize the voice. Instead of hello, he said “We … Continue reading

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The Conversations We Keep

The rage. The heels-dug-into-cement vitriolic polarization. Unrestrained hostility. Endless personal attacks and accusations choking every conversation. It’s what happens when hate marinates over generations. The endless heartbreaking pictures. It’s overwhelming, and we’re making it worse. When we decide to post and share … Continue reading

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