I Heard You

photo by Andrei Niemimäki on FLICKR

I heard you
Above the screech
of talking heads
Above the suffocating silence
from inside the vacuum of political spin
Above the clacking
of millions of fingers on keyboards
Somehow typing and pointing
at the same time

I heard you
as you gasped for the air
that the news had just punched out of your gut
I heard you when you whispered
“Not again”
Some of you
for the millionth time
“why are our bodies your battlefield?”
Some of you
under your breath
with eyes closed
in relentlessly familiar prayer
“please don’t let the shooter be Muslim”
Over and over
Over and over
And the answer came
like a tsunami
that has not quite arrived
but you know
just past the horizon
It is on it’s way
to swallow you whole

I heard you
And I’m whispering back
That I love you
And I know that I cannot unbreak those bodies
But I will learn their names
I cannot yet crack the walls of this misplaced fear
with my love
But I’m trying
And I’m whispering back
That no matter how big the wave
swelling from that narrow fearful place
of weaponized American fear
A fear of you
Will never find its way
into my heart
Because my heart
is already full of you
You are not alone
We are not alone
And love will raise these whispers
into a roar
That fear cannot survive.


About American Raksha

Community builder. Storyteller. Strategist.
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1 Response to I Heard You

  1. kim porter says:

    Heather, you are a voice for those of us that are not as eloquent. kim porter

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