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The Night Osama Died

I was in bed when my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I picked up thinking that good news never comes at night. It took me a moment to recognize the voice. Instead of hello, he said “We … Continue reading

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The Conversations We Keep

The rage. The heels-dug-into-cement vitriolic polarization. Unrestrained hostility. Endless personal attacks and accusations choking every conversation. It’s what happens when hate marinates over generations. The endless heartbreaking pictures. It’s overwhelming, and we’re making it worse. When we decide to post and share … Continue reading

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The Peace We Seek

What if we stopped believing that peace and conflict are mutually exclusive?           Shakespeare understood that we are, all of us, hypocrites – a series of contradictions. My newsfeed confirms that no amount of evidence can … Continue reading

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Romancing Our Stones

Photo by Daniel Oines on FLICKR We are a culture obsessed with facts. Or worse – with the truth we believe is hidden within them. We act like facts are a thing to be extracted – carefully framed and selected … Continue reading

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