A Vigil for the Children of Syria

syriacandlesOn Friday evening a group of Montrealers braved the cold at Square Victoria to hold a small vigil for the children of Syria.  They gathered with their families to light candles, draw pictures, and to stand for peace.

Those in attendance appeared a little discouraged that the biting cold kept the crowd from being larger, but no energy spent on unity is ever wasted. Especially when that energy can help our kids to understand that war isn’t a Wii game where only the bad guys die.


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About American Raksha

Writer, digital media strategist, Chaos Ninja and advocate of strategic nonviolent action. www.heathermccuen.com
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One Response to A Vigil for the Children of Syria

  1. Kinda Jayoush says:

    Thank you so much Heather for being there with us and the children of Syria yesterday! Good work that is driven by love of the innocent — and for the innocent is never lost.. we decided to hold the vigil on regular basis!! Thank you dear!

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