Perpetual Motion

An auspicious place to begin.  I just finished the premiere run of my first produced play, and now I have a problem.  Something I hadn’t been expecting.  The run went very well.  All told, it was rather amazing.  Three years of marching a very personal true story onto a narrative arc into six months of dramaturgy into casting into production into curtain up.  I got so much out of it I have only begun to sort it all out.  Everything about it was extraordinary. It was my most humbling lesson yet in how the universe conspires to help you when you manage to walk the path that you are meant to follow. I believe in that sort of thing.   But if you don’t, well, don’t worry…at the moment that’s not why I’m here.   At the moment, all of this is beside the point.

The point is my problem.  The play is done.  All that and then all done.  Most of me has come to terms with this.  Most of me has managed, over the last few weeks, to wrench myself out of the physical and emotional overdrive.  Except for my head.  My head won’t stop.  It won’t slow down or yield the right of way to normalcy.  It demands that I find another highway, another fast lane.  And until I do it will simply speed through the side streets, keeping me on edge while I try to figure out what’s around the next corner and which way I’m supposed to turn.

So here we are.  This blog is being started as my attempt to sort through the clusterfuck inside my head.  I don’t know about you, but I have always found that getting things outside of my head has a way of weeding out the obvious bullshit that made perfect sense before I said it out loud.  This will be my “out loud” as I pour through new books, ideas and experiences to find the next adventure.

Don’t misunderstand.  Boredom is not the issue here.  I do not have a life that stands still.  On any given day, there is the parenting, the day job, the band, the muay thai, the writing, the remarkable partner…But in addition to all these things, I lean more and more toward a life dependent on being of service to the world.  Disaster services, human rights, and the alarming need for rational political voice and action are becoming increasingly central in my life.  I live an extraordinary life, and part of that is knowing that there is always more to do, more to learn, more to understand, and most of all, more to give.

Here we go.


About American Raksha

Writer, digital media strategist, Chaos Ninja and advocate of strategic nonviolent action.
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